Camera LCD repair


Oct 6, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have recently was asked by a friend if I could help replace a screen in his old Pentax Optio S5Z as it was cracked when he bought the camera and could never actually use it. I found a screen off eBay and it quickly arrived late last week. Now as I took apart the camera I unplugged the ribbon cable for the screen and then had to de-solder two wires (Black and Red) from the back of the LED. I then put the camera back together. When I popped in the battery for the first time I looked down at the camera screen and there was nothing. So I popped the battery back out opened it back up and found that the ribbon cable was not fully seated. I turned the camera back on and the screen worked great! I could see everything clearly and had no issues. I finished making sure everything was screwed down and in its place. After that I turned the camera back on and took a couple of photos; it preformed the task great but then suddenly the screen flicked and i think the back light went out (I can see things on the screen if I put a light directly on the screen or hold it at the right angle). I have checked everything a 100rd times and even put the old LED back light (can be pulled off the screens) on the new screen and still get nothing. Any body have any ideas as to what I did wrong or if something has just stopped working?

Thanks in advance!



Basically, your friend should have RMA'ed it when he bought it!

Most likely the damage was more than just the screen, since usually the controllers are placed just beside the screen (or even under it for some cameras, though that's less common)