Can I connect my smart tv to my home theater so i get surround sound from every source?


May 20, 2014
My tv is a Samsung UE48H6700 and my home theater is a Sony DAV-DZ260. Is it possible to do as it says in the title? Looking to connect PC, HD set top box and Xbox to TV and have 5.1 on all sources rather that wire each one up if possible.
Thanks :)

Also what would be the best set up to do so


May 20, 2014

I've done that and have 5.1 via set top back, games console but my computer won't let me choose surround sound..
any ideas?



Jan 7, 2014
You can only get surround on the PC if your TV supports ARC through HDMI, I think. Check that and enable it if you have it. It should now work. Use an optical audio cable from Amazon Basics to get surround on the other sources.
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