Can I connect R-15M to Samsung bluetooth rear receiver?

Jul 19, 2018
I am new to this and was not able to find an easy way to match amplifier and speakers hence raising the question. I have a Samsung HT-J5500W-ZA system, the rear speakers are connected to the player via bluetooth receiver (rear speakers connect to the receiver via wires).
The specs of the Samsung amplifier are: 165Wx2 (3 Ohms) frequency range 20HZ~20KHZ, S/N ratio 65 dB.
I would like to replace the surround speakers with Klipsch R-15M which have 8 ohms impedance, 62hz-24khz +-3db, 94 db sensitivity, 85W to 340 W power.
Would these be compatible?

You would get a better blend if all the fronts matched. No harm in trying it though. Do your best to balance the levels.
You could connect a speaker to line level converter to the output of the bluetooth receiver amp and then add a power amp.
Doubt it would be worth the effort. You could use that money towards getting the matching center speaker.
The amp in the bluetooth receiver is powering the rear speakers. I suspect that the power output of that is pretty low. No harm in trying it. Remember you have to balance the speaker levels as you should have done when you first set up the HTS.
I would suggest you will get a much bigger improvement using the Klipsch as your L/R front speakers. Get the matching center speaker as your next upgrade.
Jul 19, 2018

--Would using as from L/R cause the sound to vary greatly when it flows from say left to center to right as the speakers are from different company? This was the reason for not placing them in front..

--Can I amplify the sound from the rear blue tooth receiver, before feeding to the Klipsch speakers?
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