Can I play PC DVD games on laptop?

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Jan 15, 2019
I have a HP Pavilion 15 (i7-6700HQ, GTX 950M) gaming laptop. I want to buy Metro Exodus PC DVD. My question is: can I play it?


1) First off, you want to wait for BENCHMARKS but your main issue will be the GTX950M... just because the minimum specs say "GTX550Ti" doesn't mean you'd have a good experience. You may. You may not.

Some games run fine at minimum. Some run so-so. Some run horribly either because lowest settings at low resolution looks good but runs shitty or because it looks crappy but runs fine, or because it runs crappy and looks crappy. Just can't predict until the game has been tested.

2) GTX950M is supposedly closer to HALF that of a GTX950 desktop, maybe higher. That's probably going to give a very "so-so" experience in Metro Exodus. Possibly a combo of low/medium settings at 1600x900 or whatever. That's an educated GUESS.

3) also, why the "DVD" mention? Do you have a DVD player?
If not you'd buy on STEAM and download.

4) Try running some BENCHMARK like TimeSpy and see how the score comes out... actually here's some benchmark numbers I have for a GTX680 and GTX1080... you'd be below the GTX680 but I'm just copying and pasting. you must run at the EXACT same specs including resolution. You can run at 2560x1440 using DSR if your monitor is 1920x1080 (NVidia Control Panel, manage 3d settings, Global, DSR, select 1.78x scaling... then the 2560x1440 option should appear in games and benchmarks).

Unigine Valley
-DX11, Ultra, x8AA, full screen, 2560x1440

- 27.5FPS avg
- 1152
- 16.3FPS low
- 51.9FPS high

- 68.4FPS avg
- 2863
- 32.7fps low
- 140.3fps high

2. Unigine Heaven
- DX11, Ultra, Extreme tessellation, x8, FS, 2560x1440

- 22.9FPS
- 577
- 14.6FPS low
- 52.7FPS high

3. Fire Strike Ultra (v1.1)

760 (?)
graphics 634
physics 11,610
combined 846

4. 3DMARK Time Spy

graphics 2093
CPU 4525

graphics 7451
CPU 4590

*If you then write down what PERCENTAGE SCORE you seem to get overall vs GTX680(similar to GTX770/960) and GTX1080 then you can estimate how you should do once Metro Exodus benchmarks come out.... for example if you got half of a GTX680/770/960 then if a GTX770 gets 60FPS at Medium/1080p then you'd maybe get 30FPS at same settings.
Jan 12, 2019

If you plan on getting a game go to the website & check under 'minimum requirements' then compare that to your pc specs.

Metro requires a GTX 550Ti & 6 GB RAM - your GPU is good, check your RAM
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