Can I safely switch boot mode from legacy to UEFI?


Jul 28, 2015
I bought an Acer Aspire V3-572G which came with Windows 8.1 and TONS and TONS of crapware included. I downloaded a Windows 8.1 ISO, made a bootable USB stick and plugged it into the laptop.

But the thing is; it was a USB-stick of only 8 GB so I choosed not to make it EFI-compatible (because the bootable USB maker program told me I'd need a 32 GB USB-stick for that). So when I went to plug it into the laptop, it did not recognize it and just booted into Windows everytime.

So I went into the BIOS and changed the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy. Now the laptop recognized my USB-stick and I installed Windows 8.1 succesfully.

But today I went to the store and bought a 64 GB USB-stick so next time I'll format my PC, I'd like to change the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI again, because now I'll be able to make an EFI-compatible bootable USB-stick using the new 64 GB USB-stick.

But my question is: will I be able to change the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI again, without any consequences, or will I run into trouble doing that?

Thanks in advance!


Sep 17, 2018