Can I Upgrade My Laptop GPU From Integrated to Dedicated

Si Le Monde

Jan 29, 2015
Recently I have been getting into more serious pc gaming and I want to get a new computer with a dedicated graphics. So I thought; "Hey, Maybe I can upgrade my current laptop's GPU". My laptop is an Asus X53E. My question is; Can I upgrade my integrated graphics to a dedicated graphics? I have done some homework and have heard it was possible to upgrade a laptop GPU depending on the model, I am curious to see if the notion pertains to my laptop as well. I appreciate all of your help and thanks for your time!

~ i5-2450M @ 2.50 GHs (4CPUs)
~ RAM 8Gb
~ Intel HD 3000 ;_;

PS: If no/yes could you explain why, I am eager to expand my computer knowledge!
No, it is not possible.

Only specific models of gaming laptops that generally costs at least $1,300+ USD will allow you upgrade the GPU.