Can I use the external sound card that comes with Turtle Beach PX22's with my Kingston cloud II headset?


Nov 20, 2015
I am very uneducated about a lot of audio related technology, I bought a year ago a set of Turtle Beach px22's and they came with an external sound card (I think that's what its called). They headset broke and I recently purchased some Kingston HyperX Cloud II's which also come with an external sound card to drive the virtual surround sound. As the Kingston sound card only has volume control for the mic and the headset whereas the Turtle Beach sound card has Treble, Bass control, talkback control, mic volume, headset volume, mute, call, quiet call, and loud call options I would rather use the Turtle Beach sound card. Will using my Kingston headset with the turtle beach sound card have any adverse effects?


do you mean the earforce dss2?

its a surround sound processor/amplifier and would be similar to what the kingston comes with.

provided you use the same jacks for hookup, its not going to cause any damage at all so you can test to see if you like how the hxc sounds on your old dss. if you do not, then you can always use the new one.
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