Solved! Can I use two different audio outputs plugged into different ouputs on the the back of my motherboard?

Jul 5, 2020
I just built my first computer. My mother board is a Gigabyte X570. The audio output options are Center/Subwoofer Out, Rear Speaker Out, Front Speaker out. I have two devices I would like to have audio come out of. The first is my headphones and the second is my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers. I plugged things in as follows:

Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out: Computer Speakers
Front Speaker out: Headphones.

Currently, audio only comes out of my headphones. How can I switch between these two outputs? Is this possible? When I enter the sound settings in windows 10, it says the Realtek HD audio 2nd output is not plugged in. I searched online and I found one person saying that one of the inputs must be plugged into the front of the computer in order to have two devices--Is this true? I'd prefer to plug everything in the back (for cable management). Please help and Thank you.


I use one of these DAC/AMPs and do exactly what you were looking to do . Headphones and speakers on the same device, both active, just turn on the speakers when you want to use them. Volume control is separate, the speaker out is a line out so is interdependent of the headphone amp volume. Keep in mind this is for headphones not headset with a mic on them. For that you need a DAC setup for gaming like a Shiit Hel or Fulla or Sennheiser GSX 1000 but that last is more costly although very well designed with plenty of features.
Jul 5, 2020
I ended up putting one of my outputs on the front of my computer and another at the back. Not ideal, but at least I can use both my outputs now.
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