Can laptop work on VGA external monitor with not-working nVidia graphic chip?


Sep 17, 2014
Hello everyone!!!
I have Dell XPS m1530. It's display is not working, not even a bulb. It is working normally on external monitor on VGA output. One friend told me that it can work normally on external monitor with having problematic-not working nVidia graphic chip on it's motherboard?! So he is guessing that nVidia graphic chip is not working. I am confused, I cannot believe that laptop can work on VGA external monitor with not working nVidia graphic chip. Can somebody clarify that for me please. And what could be the problem?
Thanks folks!


Feb 22, 2012
The only gpu it has is the 8600m gt in it, there is no onboard intel secondary gpu. if you want to try, you can open the laptop and see if the screen came unplugged or source a used one off ebay and replace the screen.


Sep 17, 2014

So you want to say if that external monitor on VGA is working normally then GPU (nVidia chip) of laptop is working for sure?
And that probably it's problem in LCD or inverter?
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