can operating system damage motherboard?


Apr 9, 2016
dear tomshardware users.
i have laptop Asus N55vw .i had windows 10 in SSD hard drive ,when i turned on laptop after windows Lockscreen its glitched Screen and freezes .i had to turn off laptop manually(with power button) after turning on the computer my display shows nothing and battery led blink. i took my laptop to Asus service and after 2 days they said your operating system caused motherboard problem because your windows drive on SSD is full!(it had 300mb disk space).they said operating system sent interrupt to Cmos and it wont display anything! i don't know how operating system can influence motherboard bios! is it possible ? what do you think?



Aug 11, 2011

YES I have had the same problem with my Asus motherboards as there is some virus or malware that attacks the Bios, I know everyone will say it can't happen but can assure you it does happen. I first had the same problem you state of having a full HD. I looked at my drive in HEX mode and noticed my sector 0 was changed. The same corrupted sector was repeated in sector 8 I believe. The i found it again and gain in over 144 sectors before i stopped looking. I spend weeks trying to repair my MBR but it would just come back. I installed a new HD and reinstalled Win and still had the same problem. I contacted Asus and was told to send my MB in and they would fix it. Upon reinstalling my MB with another new HD I still had the same problem. Contacted Asus and they sent me a new MB. Even this did not help. I must have been re-corrupting my drive from the cd upon software reinstall. the only way i could keep the computer running was to reflash the BIOS before booting every time. I have had to throw out all my cd's and thumb drives other than factory made cd's and dvd's. Sometime during this i even took my computer to a shop that i was told was the best around. After 3 weeks i was told to come in and pick it up. when i got home i found they wiped all my data off my HD but the corrupt MBR was still was still there. I wound up building a new computer but i saved my old one just in case someone will ever figure out what it is, I did run across some info about this virus back when i had it. Links below Gary,7400.html
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