Question Can you help me figure out what's wrong with my laptop due to my stupid mistake?

Apr 8, 2019
I have a used Dell Latitude E6440 laptop (it has an SSD too if that helps) and I was using my laptop and the hard drive started heating up while running Dolphin emulator for the last 2 hours. I thought it could still be handled but then suddenly it just shut off, and none of the LED lights turned on. I got really scared and full of so much regret, I couldn't turn it back on and I tried plugging in the charger - the charger light turned off. Nothing is working to turn it back on, I tried troubleshooting by taking out the battery n putting it back and such but there's no sign of life. I looked up on the net that it might be a short circuit problem, and I don't know if anything I just described says anything about the problem? I don't know if the jack Removed itself or the battery Removed itself or the motherboard Removed itself or if the hard drive heated up and just died. Is there no way to be certain? Can I ask a computer tech about it to see what the issue is and not be charged if its something minor i can fix (charger, battery, ect)? Help would be appreciated, I feel sorry and mortified because I really screwed this up.
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It is completely possible that it wasn't the drive that overheated. Without having checked the temps, and know what they were, it could have been a few different components that got hot.

I seriously doubt it is something simple. Sounds more like a motherboard to me, but without looking at it, can't say for sure. It will have to be looked at (internally) to see if anything is fried. It will have to be looked at by a professional at this point.

I would really suggest you take it to a local tech and have them look at it. Just ask them ahead of time about the fees.

In the future, if it or any device is overheating, don't continue using it. You need to turn it off, disconnect power sources (cord/battery) and let it cool down thoroughly. Letting a device run when overheating can damage all kinds of parts.
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