Question Can you pair a Vizio 2.0 model Sub to a 5.1 Soundbar?

Jul 5, 2020
Picked up a used Vizio Soundbar SB3851-D0.. didn't come with sub and rear
Separately, I just found a Sub from their 2.0 system (SB4021E-B0 (SUB) )

Trying to pair them doesn't seem to be working
Put Sub in pairing mode, Put Soundbar in pairing mode and nothing
Running either off Optical or HDMI ARC
(don't think that would matter, but tried both as I already had them hooked up)

Sub doesn't show on any Bluetooth device, so I'm wondering if it's an IR pair?
Soundbar seems to be a Bluetooth pair, as when you put it in pairing mode (hold power for 5 seconds) it flashes LEDs up and down same as it does in Bluetooth mode.
(mind you, I'm just guessing here.. don't know for sure. and if it's the case that one is IR, one is Bluetooth.. no.. they wouldn't pair.. just trying to self-troubleshoot)

Anyone know if this should work?
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