Question Cannot game in both monitors (laptop and external monitor)

Dec 17, 2020
So, I've bought an external monitor, a Samsung Curved 60Hz, and it's connected to a laptop (acer nitro 5 AN17-51). I've seen that many play games in both monitors, the image kinda divides itself so it can appear in both monitors - just like a 3840x1080 wallpaper. But, you see, when I go to NVDIA Settings, my laptop isn't recognized as a second monitor; only the Samsung shows up. I thought it might be that my laptop display is connected to Intel Graphics; not GPU. So, basically, I can't game in both monitors - my laptop screen is not recognized as a monitor, as another display. I'd like to know if I can fix this or not. I've updated the drivers and etc, but nothing seems to work.

GPU: 1650 GTX
Intel graphics: UHD 630

< -- Laptop's screen not showing up

Also, when I go to ''configure multiple displays'', guess what. Laptop isn't there as well.
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