Canon G7 X Bridge Camera Review: Compact Champ

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Oct 20, 2014
I do think the touch screen and familiar Canon UI are big features here. The sensor is if not identical to Sony then amazingly close. I would also mention the built in ND filter which is useful for playing around with bokeh in daylight, what little you can get from a 1" sensor anyway. Another point that should me made is the G7x's lens is about half a stop faster at 35mm than the RX100 despite identical apertures at the zoom ends.

The Sony RX100m3's viewfinder is a make-or-break feature for most but for those who don't need it, Sony still sells the RX100m2 for less than the G7x and it adds the multi-function hot shoe over what the Canon offers. The lens is a good bit slower at telephoto but most of the time these things get used at wide (as your shots exemplify).

The Sony m3 also brings a few video features to the table that are worth noting in 50mb/s 1080p video and no line skipping. I think it's important to note that video cameras are rarely this poketable (RX100m3/g7x) and there are those very interested in video that will not lug around a larger camera and would appreciate knowing these differences.

Sony wins if a hot shoe (RX100m2), viewfinder, or video bitrate are important to you and has a lower priced option in the original RX100 now selling at $500 if this is all too much to mess with but you want the quality of a 1" sensor in your pocket for cheap. That frankly doesn't leave much market in my mind to recommend the g7x to. The UI is great with the touch screen but most advanced users are going to demand a viewfinder. I'd only recommend the Canon if it comes down in price or if the UI is the main feature not the pictures/video.
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