Canon Legria HF G30 - WiFi not working?


Nov 4, 2014

I have a Canon Legria HF G30 and want to live stream the video signal onto my computer (Windows7).

I tried it via USB connection, but this is apparently not working... (I only can watch old videos from my camera on my computer).

Then there is the WiFi Remote Application. Here you should be able to operate the camera remotely via InternetBrowser/WiFi. All answers to this topic start with an established WiFi connection already in place. But this doesn't seem to work for me here.

I went to the menu and accessed the "Access Point Connection" point. Here I searched for my hotspot, chose my router and entered the password. So far so good. But now I have to actually connect to my WiFi, and I have no idea how.

When I go to the base menu and start "WiFi Remote" I just get the message "MENU Configure the Wi-Fi settings." I cannot actually activate this option.

What am I doing wrong? What do I miss?

Is there a way to connect the camera with USB cable and live stream the video?

thanks a lot