Solved! Can't connect hdmi sound bar to get sound through sound bar

Jan 14, 2019
I have a Samsung LCD TV, model KE40C580 TV. My son gave me a sound bar for Christmas, Panasonic SC HTB208. To get the best clearest sound (I am a little deaf and have to wear hearing aids) Panasonic advise to connect via hdmi cable only. I have tried this but cannot get any sound through the hdmi. But if I connect the Optical cable I can get sound but it's not as good or clear as it should be. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong in as much as I cannot connect through the hdmi cable to get the best sound through my sound bar. Thank you so much. Julie
There is no difference in sound quality between using HDMI and optical when connecting a soundbar to a TV.
Most soundbars are designed to duplicate the sound of a low quality home theater system. This means loud explosions and boomy bass. You need a soundbar that has low level clarity and detail so you can understand dialogue.
Another option would be to attach a bluetooth transmitter to the TV. That can pair with headphones or with some hearing aids.
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