Can't connect laptop to TV via HDMI


Jan 26, 2015
I've been using my TV as an extended screen with an HDMI cable connecting it to my laptop, but it has stopped working. I have tried turning on the computer and TV in different orders, changing between the two HDMI ports on the TV and downloading the latest intel graphics driver. I thought it may be because my laptop updated this morning so I attempted a System Restore but I get a popup telling me it can't be completed. Please help?


Dec 19, 2017
Problem: Laptop wont connect to any TV's via HDMI

Hi everyone,

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 310 laptop, which was working fine (recognized and broadcasted to Samsung TV) until a recent auto-update by the Windows 10 OS (Early December 2017). After this auto-update, my laptop would no longer recognize my Samsung TV.

Solution (For those with a Lenovo Laptop) - It may not work for other PC's
1. Uninstall completely the Intel (R) HD Graphics 620 Driver (Go to Control panel --> Device Manger --> Display Adapters)
2. Next, go to the Lenovo website
3. Click on the system update icon and follow all relevant instructions (All needed drivers will be detected)
4. From step 3 above, the software should have detected that the Intel (R) HD 620 driver is missing and should list it as one of the drivers to be installed. Check this driver and all other relevant ones to be updated and install.
5. Reboot your computer.
6. Once restarted use the "windows button + P" command to select the "duplicate screen" or "extend screen" option, whichever works for you, or alternatively do this through the windows search option at your start-up menu.

That should regards. If this helps, please let me know :)