Cant connect my Audio Interface to my 5.1 speakers


Feb 4, 2018
Hey guys, i hope some of u can help me with my problem:

My friends got me an Audio Interface for my birthday ( M-Audio M-Track 2x2) to record my electric guitar.

Problem is: i have an windows desktop pc with an 5.1 Speaker system ( Teufel Concept 450 Digital). I tried everything but i have no idea how i can get this to work. The 5.1 Speaker came with an digital reciever in wich i plug the chinch kabel that comes from the subwoofer.

So my current setup is:

Speaker goes into Subwoofer -> Subwoofer goes via 2 chinch kabels in the Digital reciever -> the reciever goes via optical audio kabel in my Mainboard

I want to be able to play/record my guitar AND get the sound live over my PC speakers.

Any of u got an idea how i can connect the audio interface so i can use it ? or do i have to buy me a set of new speakers ?

Thanks in advance :)
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