Can't connect PC to Home Cinema - SOLVED

Stella Niellyn

Oct 2, 2013
Hello. I am using my computer with my LG TV as display. So far I was satisfied with having just a 2 speaker sound by connecting my home cinema with a simple jack on my sound card but lately I have some very weird buzzing sounds (when playing World of Warcraft) so I decided to switch to an optical connection since both my home cinema and my motherboard(MSI 970a) support. Unfortunately I may be too dumb to take this further since I don't get any sound out of the tests on Windows playback (for some reason there are 2 S/PDIF on the list (not sure why two) and none of them is working. Can you please help?
You need to select SPDIF as your "Playback Device" (right-click audio icon in Sys Tray...).

I believe you may have to select this inside a media player as well but it's been years since I've done this.

Some video cards support full audio output via the HDMI connection. I had my GTX680 hooked up to my HDTV.

You can Google the SPDIF issue as there are tutorials around.