Can't find the tracker for me...


May 7, 2015
I'm new to fitness trackers, just recently started looking into them. Here's what I'm looking for.

  • ■ Preferably less than $200, but that's not a hard limit.
    ■ Must be a band. Prefer the more discreet and less invasive feel of a small band.
    ■ Compatible with Android (Have HTC1 M8, probably a Galaxy S6 before long).
    ■ More of a daily activity tracker than workout based. Light running.
    ■ Good app for viewing data (Jawbone good, Mio Fuse is lacking for example).
    ■ Built in live HR monitor. Not worried about accuracy when exercising.
    ■ Sleep tracking (this would be primary use for HR monitor).
    ■ Waterproof. Don't want to worry about rain/shower or occasional pool time.
    ■ A display. Like the Vivosmart or Fitbit Charge. Small, but useful info.
    ■ Preferably 5+ days of battery life.
    ■ [Optional] Food/calorie app integration. Such as MyFitnessPal.
Probably forgetting something from my list, but that should cover most of it. So far I am leaning towards the Vivosmart. I like the look. Simple to use. Good features (notifications are a plus). Though, I'm hesitant on it as well because I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on the app and it doesn't have a built in HR monitor.

I've watched some reviews on YouTube and read some articles, but haven't found quite what I'm looking for. Here's a list of bands I've looked at (seen watches, passing on them) and my issues with them so far.

  • ■ Jawbone UP3 - Bad strap design and not waterproof. Hearing poor monitoring even though it has a lot of sensors? The UP4 soon?
    ■ Mio Fuse - App is very lacking. Band is nearing watch levels.
    ■ Jaybird Reign - Very limited display. Potential iOS priority. App still needs some work.
    ■ Fitbit Charge HR - Sounds barely splash resistant, big concern.
    ■ Polar Loop - Just haven't seen much of this one.
Any input you have on trackers mentioned above, or new ones for me to look, at would appreciated. Thanks!


Oct 10, 2014
I think it's great you know exactly what you want - that's the first step to really narrowing your options. My two top picks for you would be the Garmin vivosmart or the Fitbit Charge HR. Both of these have most of the features you want, however not all.

The vivosmart doesn't have a heart rate monitor, but you can pair it with a separate Garmin HR monitor if you want (it'll be a chest strap though). It's water resistant up to 5ATM and has great smartphone notifications. The app is pretty basic - as in the UI isn't anything special - but it's Garmin so it gives you a lot of detailed activity information.

The Fitbit Charge HR has a heart rate monitor, but it's only sweat, rain and splash-proof. You will have to take it off in the shower or while swimming. Its tiny screen is bright, and it has call notifications. The Fitbit app is me second favorite fitness tracker companion app (my first being Jawbone) - it lays out all your information clearly and it has some social features if you're into challenging your friends.

If you're looking to spend under $200, these would be my top picks in that price range. Unfortunately it's hard to find all of those features in one tracker that is below that price, but you can find almost all those features you're looking for. I hope this helps!




Nov 24, 2015
it lays out all your information clearly and it has some social features if you're into challenging your friends.