Cant get 5.1 surround sound to properly play using AMD HDMI


Dec 20, 2015
I have my PC plugged into a Yamaha RX-V475 receiver using HDMI from my AMD graphics card. When I go to play the test tone in sound settings the sound comes from the correct speakers, but whenever it comes to playing media such as a movie or a even a surround sound test on YouTube, the sound meant for the rear speakers comes out the front speakers. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


if when you play test tones in windows, sound comes out the correct speakers your speaker system and pc output should be working correctly which would seem to point to something else as the cause.

first, make sure your content is 5.1. many test videos on youtube for "5.1 test video" are not surround sound and are 2.0 only. some movie disks and most online video content are also 2.0. if known and tested 5.1 content fails to play correctly then you can make note of it.

do not use VLC media player. use something else as there are known bugs with your sort of arrangement if i recall correctly.

make sure your receiver is set to auto-surround, your pc audio is set to 5.1, you may want to note which 5.1 you are set up with (rear speakers set to surround or back speakers) and try both settings.

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