Question Can't get 5.1 to work with optical on Windows 10


Sep 29, 2015
Hi all,

I've been Googling and fidgeting around and just can't get it to work.
ASUS B550-Pro motherboard Optical out

Optical-in Logitech Z275

The speakers are set up correctly around the Livingroom.

Sound from games, movies, YouTube etc. plays Stereo right now but not 5.1.

I used this video to test whether it worked automatically or not but when the left speaker plays sound the back left speaker also plays sound, same goes for right.

When I choose to connect sound with HDMI the 5.1 is greyed out:

When I choose optical nothing shows:

I tried the Realtek Audio Console but there is no mention of 5.1 in the main menu or advanced.

However, and this spins me off, when I go into Sound Settings -> right click Realtek Digital Output -> Properties -> Supported Formats, I see under "Encoded Formats": "DTS Audio" and "Dolby Digital". With next to it a Test button:

And when I test either function it WORKS!!!

So how and where do I enable this sound setting that by testing obviously works?!

I'll stop driving myself crazy and await some tech-god to alleviate me from this insanity.

Kind regards and thanks in advance.
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