Question Can't get Lohas smart strip to pair


May 4, 2009
I have two of the below Lohas strips and they were great for months. Recently, both strips stopped turning on remotely. I had to do it physically with the device button (but I could still turn it off and control its colours remotely). In an effort to try and fix it, I removed one of the devices with the intention of re-adding it to the Tuya Smart app. However, after removing it from the Tuya Smart app, no matter how many times I try turning it on and off (I've done it dozens of times now), it refuses to start flashing again so I cannot pair it. As it stands, I now have to manually turn on my one strip (after which it is still controllable remotely) while the one that I had previously removed I have to manually plug in and out whenever I want to use it at the moment...


Here's the product page:
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