cant here anything when someones behind me when playing (speaker problem)


Jul 24, 2013
well you see its like this

when i play skyrim theres npc's and when there talking while im not looking at them looking behind me i cant hear them talking only if i talk to them face to face its really annoying any help guys please

i hope you know what i mean please reply

know it has to do with the setting but i dont know which setting in the desktop that i need to uncheck to get my speaker to work correctly cause my speakers are surround sound you see and im not surrounding them all 5 of them are infront of me


Feb 28, 2013
1. Go to your desktop
2. Right click the white Speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen
3. Select Playback Devices
4. When menu pops up click on the speakers your using.( Click speakers if you plugged a round plug into the back of your computer, Digital Audio S/PDIF if you plugged a black cable with a red light coming from inside into the back of your computer. If nether of these work then try all the others until you find the right one.)
5. Click configure
6. Look at the pictures on the right and find the setup thats the same as yours.
7. Use test button to see if sound comes out of all speakers
8. Click next twice and your golden