Solved! Cant play on right ear while headphones plugged in monitor, but when in pc, i can hear both


May 24, 2016
The problem is that i cant hear anymore on right ear while my headphones are connected to monitor, only the left ear works. But when i connect them to my pc audiojack, then both ear works.
What is the problem? i didnt have the problem with headphones on monitor, but just today, they just dont work on right ear.
I have tried to unplug / plug again, even from cables and ports, but that didnt work.
My monitor: DELL S2240L


May 1, 2017
There will be a few things to check for this situation. I would recommend the following.

1. Use a different pair of headphones; if this happens with a different pair, the headphones are not the problem.
2. Use a different device other than your monitor; connect a set of stereo speakers to the same cable that goes directly in the monitor. If sound comes out both channels, then the issue lies within the monitor itself, either with the headphone port, or the in-line port.
3. Check the cable that connects your monitor to the PC; use a different cable to discard problems with the cable itself.

From your description, my bet is on the monitor headphone port; monitor headphone ports tend to break or wear out easily. If that is the case, then you will no longer be able to use your monitor to connect the headphones. Unless of course, if you are considering on getting the port repaired.

Hope it helps!


Jan 3, 2007

That is not a headphone jack. It is for a soundbar.



May 24, 2016
Weird, but they started to work once again on both ears, i dont even know what was the cause. I just left my monitor unplugged for 1 day and i connected now and i can hear now on 2 ears. Problem solved, but weird
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