Can't remove this virus


Sep 16, 2016
I've somehow managed to get a virus on my computer and despite my best efforts I can't figure out how I got it but I managed to figure out what it is. However, as useful as knowing what something is I just can't seem to find a way to get rid of the thing, and I'm getting to the point that my computer is going out the window soon if it keeps up with this.

Anyway the details, so the virus is browser related, when I google something it brings up a bunch of extra searches at the top which are from "VNPapps" also whenever I try and click on a page it opens another tab which then leads to either some reimage plus page or PC Keeper, or it brings up a virus warning page which warns it is going to delete my hard drive if I don't call this number now, luckily I have enough of a brain not to phone them.

So I google VNPapps and got a bunch of options on how to get rid of the thing, first it told me to uninstall VNP apps from my computer and browser, however I don't have VNPapps in my uninstall window or my chrome extensions so that didn't work.

So then it suggested I use ADWcleaner which found a bunch of things, removed them, and then reboot my computer, but the virus was still there.

Then it wanted me to use malware-bytes, so I installed it, ran it, it came up with a big list, removed them all, rebooted, and the virus is still there.

Next up is hitmanpro, installed, run, list, removed, rebooted, virus is still there.

So now I'm here, looking for hopefully an answer, or a recommendation as to what trajectory I should launch my computer out my window. some screenshots if anyone wants them



Malwarebytes is rubbish - I know a lot of people rave on about it, but I tried it once and it said QQ was malware when in fact it's a Chinese IM program. It also failed to let me install Baidu Music.

I suggest you download 360 Total Security - the link is and do a thorough scan.


Jan 27, 2006
I have found that Roguekiller from adlice software is able to kill things that MalwareBytes sometimes cannot. I had "something;" MB blocked it, but could neither find nor remove it. Roguekiller took out the trash.



Can Roguekiller be used alongside my standard antivirus?