Cassette Deck Issue


Nov 10, 2017
When I press play on my Akai GXC-710D cassette deck player the right needle flys straight into peak level territory, whereas the left needle is fine. I bought this deck a few months ago used from someone and have had no problems with the deck itself whatsoever since then. I did have a receiver issue however, but I got rid of old receiver and replaced it and all is working fine on that end and speakers are working fine as well.

The only thing I can think of that could be contributing to this issue is recently I hooked up my tape deck to my laptop via RCA to record tapes to digital files using audacity. Since then I cant get it to play normally through my speakers/ receiver. The right needle just flys into peak level and nothing plays.

Any thoughts or suggestions? thanks

I suspect connecting the output of the deck to your PC did not cause any problems.
It's about 40 year old. You shouldn't be surprised that it broke. A tech could repair it but the price may be steep and something else could break later. If you want to take a stab at it you can find the service manual here
Otherwise get a newer deck or one that has been restored.
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