cat chewed sennheiser 323D cable


Jul 25, 2015
My cat chewed the cable that goes from the headset to the external sound card and I was wondering if there are any ways that I can repair the cable without having to shell out big money.


if the cable is completely ruined...

you could put a new end on the cable and just use a 3.5mm extension cable if its no longer long enough... (or similar) (there are video tutorials if you need them)

or, you could buy a 3.5mm cable, cut off the one end and splice the two cables together,solder and seal with electrical tape or heat shrink.

if the cat just chewed the insulation and the wires are still unbroken and intact... just peel back the insulation sleeving... make sure the internal wire sleeves arent damaged. if they are, wrap them in some electrical tape. tape up the whole outside with electrical tape or use shrink tubing.

under $5.00 fixes generally assuming you have basic tools.
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