Cd player takes very long time to read audio cd


Jul 11, 2010
i own a philips mini hi system fwv230.its abt 6 yrs old.i bought a taylor swift audio cd.first wen i played it was ok.then after a few days every cd i play started wen i try to play that taylor swift cd it takes a long time to read.some times it wont read.some times it wil skip.and sometimes its ok.other cds are running ok.

the taylot swift reads and plays ok in my another dvd player and my computer. i did a nero scan on that disc and its says the disc is 100% ok. why is my player taking such a long time to read that cd only
but all other cds including cd-r are read ok.only d taylor swift cd takes long to be read.skip occurs in all cds but not always


Sep 10, 2010

Check your disc for fingerprints and or scratches. Also if you take your cd and hold it up to a bright light you should not be able to see any light if you see any light like stars in the sky. you might have a defective disc. or might need a lens cleaning on your cd player. I don't believe this is the case so how old is your cd player? is it older then 6+ yrs. The newer dvd and cd players inc computer cd writer/dvd are a lot better and can read the imperfections in the cd. Hope this helps.
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