cell phone hardware for special needs child


Jul 2, 2015
Hi got a unique situation I need a phone to allow our daughter to go out in the yard by herself. Here is the our daughter has 3- 5 mild to medium seizures a day she is 11 and has some developmental delays. What we are hoping to do is put the phone in speaker phone mode and have her ware it on a belt. BUT will the sound quality be OK on our end with another phone in speaker phone mode.
Should I be looking at an external mic?
I've looked at blue tooth devices, speaker etc but we dont want her to have to ware anything around her neck.
What about smart watches ?
Is battery life going to be a problem if it is a smart phone?
Would some kind of flip Phone be better.
Any other ideas?
Other forums that may help.
I've talked to a lot of local people but nothing sounds Good Thanks Chris