centre speaker in 5.1 not working?


Dec 22, 2015
My centre speaker does not play any sound, even on test mode, it shows on the sound coming out of it on the screen, but not in reality.

the speaker itself is fine, I swapped it with another one and it works.

In the test mode it shows the speaker to be there, it just players no sound.

its an issue in games, as the one im currently playing, all dialogue is programmed to come out of the centre speaker

If your speakers are connected via 3 stereo mini plugs then the cable which carries the center channel (and sub channel) may be bad. Try one of the other cables in its place. If that doesn't help the amp for the center channel may be bad.
If your speakers are connected via digital audio then the problem seems to be in the speaker system electronics itself since the surround processing and amplification is done in the speakers.
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