Changing the Subwoofer on a Polk Audio FR1

Tim Humphreys

Oct 1, 2014
I have a Polk audio Sound bar like this one <> and im trying to swap the wireless sub-woofer that came with it with a wired one that i already have. Does anyone know an adapter I could buy or a simple way to wire something in so that it connects wirelessly to the soundbar?
If you can get Polk to tell you how the wireless sub is connected you may be able to suggest a wireless receiver that is compatible. I suspect they won't know or be willing to get involved.
The only simple way I can think of is to connect the 2 wires going to the woofer inside the Polk sub to a speaker to line level converter and connect that to the wired subwoofer.
If the wireless receiver in the Polk sub is a separate board you might be able to use only that with the wired sub but no way to to tell how complicated that would be without opening the sub and looking around.
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