Question Channels work independently but not at same time...HELP

May 19, 2020
I have an older simple system, and recently one channel stopped working...through some diagnosing to make sure it wasn't speaker/wire/cable related,..I am able to make the left or right channel work, but only one at a time. If I connect the second speaker, the other channel continues to work, but the newly connected speaker does not.

For example...connect speaker A to Right Channel, Speaker A will work...Connect Speaker B to LEFT Channel, Speaker A continues to work, but Speaker B does not....If I reverse this, I can make Speaker B play out of LEFT Channel, but when I connect Speaker A to the Right Channel, Speaker B will continue to work, but Speaker A does it seems each channel is powered and working, but the amp cannot handle the load of driving two speakers at the same time?

I am perplexed...

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