Question Charging issue with Motorola Edge S


May 10, 2017

I'm having charging issues with the Motorola Edge S and some after market cables

Original 20watt charging brick with original USB to type c cable that came with phone will work fine all the time
the two After market USB to type c works fine most of the time, however stopped working one time, and then magically starts working again after 12hours or so, this time is the second time that has happened to me,

This is very strange, because I have another charger that is compose of a Motorola 30watt brick with after market dual USB cables, and this charger will work when the USB to Type C doesn't work.

the problem seems to only affect after market USB to type c charging cables, because both of my after market cables are from different companies, but when one doesn't work, the other will not work either.
but when the after market cable don't work I plug in the original cable or the type c to type c cable, it will work.

stock charger like this works perfectly fine all the time with no problems at all

after market cable like this
plugged into a 30watt Motorola brick like this
will also work fine all the time with no problems.

but if you plug in of of these after market
USB to type c cable into the original 20watt brick it will not work.

The not charging problem only occurs with USB to type C cables like the ones shown above.

The USB to type C cables work perfectly fine with other devices all the time without any problems, this problem has only occurred twice and this is the second time that it has happened to me, the first time it stopped working, but then magically worked again after sometime.

This is also not an issue of the different voltages of the outlets in China vs the US, because the first time this issue occurred was in China, and now the second time is in the US.

I think the issue might be with the phone's software or something, but I cant figure out what the issue is, or how the cable magically start to work again after it was not working.

Restarting the phone does not fix the issue.

the phone is running on Android 11 with Motorola China's MYUI skin with the latest updates and everything.
this is the phone
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