Cheap External Microphone?? (Less Than 15 pounds/22 dollars)



The audio recorded by the microphone in my Canon 650d is terrible! Just touching the camera creates a loud noise other the recording; it sounds like when you're filming on a windy day and the wind is blowing strongly into the microphone.

I'm going to a major motoring event on Saturday which is over a hundred miles away from where i live, so i desperately need a new microphone in time for the event. I don't need anything better than what's already in the camera, just a replacement which won't make the same awful noise during recordings.

Problem is, the budget is only about £15, or $22 if you live in the US.

It seems a bit strange how Canon would fit such a rubbish microphone into one of their top DSLR's...

Any ideas what to buy, or how to sort the problem with the microphone currently in the camera?



The Sima MZM-1 is a camera mountable zoom microphone and sells for $20.36 at B&H Photo:
I provided the link so you get more details about the microphone.
There is also the Vivitar Mic403 Mini Zoom Camcorder Microphone which sells for $20.95 on Amazon:
As far as camera control for the internal mic goes:
•Manual level control available via Movie Settings menu, with 64 levels available
•VU (audio level) meter display also available via Movie Settings, and includes peak hold indication
Link to manual:
See pages 193 and 194 for instructions on audio recording.


Jul 29, 2011

Unfortunately the Sima MZM-1 is pretty crappy. Even the onboard T4i stereo mics will be better.

@OP The T4i has manual audio leveling, have you tried playing with that yet? Monitor the audio levels. You're getting the crackling noise because the sound levels are too high. When you are recording, turn the levels down to maintain good audio without crackling.

The T4i isn't their "top" end DSLR, it's their lower end consumer Rebel series. If you wanted better audio, it'd be something like the 5D Mark III etc. Which are a few thousand dollars. :(
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