cheaper camera for upgrading to 4k (I dont have any other choice)


May 11, 2015

my client wants me to shoot a 4k video. since I justified the benefits of 1080p. these are my cameras
-Canon C100
-5d MkII

Are there any cheap choices for 1k only since I don't shoot in low light? my ISO is always @400
and this is kinda travel video so I don't care about the DOF.

q1. I am looking at nx1 or nx500 is it a better choice than gh4?
q2. I have a panasonic HC- wx970 and wx870 can I do some modification to attach my anamorphic lens adapter?
q3. if I buy an nx500 are there any CRT or LCD viewfinder that use HDMI port exist? I don't care about the resolution f the viewfinder.


1) Your client is an idiot, I'm sorry that you have to deal with those.
2) Is this soon or can you wait for some very nice equipment coming out that you can rent?
(this is what I mean) (you might be able to rent the v1 still though)
3) If necessary, you can try renting a 1D-C and dealing with jpeg encoded frames (
4) You can explain to the client that he will not gain image quality compared to other methods, and go with the GH4

As for HDMI monitors, plenty of them, here's a cheap one:

Also, if you have any micro 4/3rds lenses (or are down to getting a GH4 and want another option), might work , but you'll need an external recorder (which makes it's cost significantly higher unless you have 6G-SDI recording equipment already)


May 11, 2015

there are no rental shop for camera here in the Philippines. anyway I'm fascinated with black magic micro. Is it better than GH4? I'm not a low light shooter but is it good in low light?
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