Nov 16, 2012
Hey guys
I was in the market for a new laptop and I wanted to have like an i7, a decent gpu to play things like LoL, WoW, Terra and my BF3 soon :). I also had specific customized things like a backlit keyboard and a decent screen resolution. All this for around 800 bucks. I think I have found what I've been looking for! I was wondering if you guys could comment on the laptop to see if its what I need.
Thanks for the input!


It's not a bad looking laptop and as with any computer be it laptop or desk top you have to be aware of it's limitations and it's abilities. Yes a laptop can be used to play games but unless your going to spend a lot more than $800 then you will have to know what settings and resolution that you will be playing at. Naturally they wil be on the medium to low side and as for BF3 you may want to chaeck out some benchmarks to see if you can play the game at an acceptable level.
I would get a good set of headphones since laptop speakers are not very good and also a laptop cooler to help out with the heat that's going to be generated from gaming.

There are much better gaming laptops but they are more expensive , if saving a few more bucks was an option then that might be a good idea.