Choosing / Buying Gaming Laptop [1100$]


Aug 4, 2015
Hello, I'm looking for a new "gaming laptop" but any really gaming features can be backlit keyboard, I don't need any sings "gaming" to pay for them additional money. 15" will be ok, not smaller, not bigger. Not sure if I can afford in any special offer 970m without cutting the budget on storage... So I will accept probably 860m or 960m with other better components. Will be glad to see i7, for rendering and stuff like that. Most of Laptops offer atm 4710HQ or other 4xxxHQ. I want a small SSD to fit in Windows there and maybe a few games, 120GB is the smallest in many offers, not possible to put smaller? HDD 7200 rpm, 1TB or 500GB will be enough, I have currently 420GB and it is really hard to fill it. I keep an eye on Lenovo Y50-70, it is probably the closest to my expectations? I was also thinking about Clevo, but when I try to customize it, I end up with some damn high final price... My budget is arround 1100$, might be bigger if there is a really worth it offer. No really need for touch screen, would be cool though, because I am using Bluestacks aka Android emulator, as a big fan of Android games. fingerprints is another cool gadget, and would be nice to see, but also not needed. Also I am IT Technician with basic knowledge, but I feel like asking about DirectX would be really lame. I was never into that topic, but now Dx12 will be out and supported for Windows 10. Is it like a file you just need to download and install (Won't it be inside Nvidia drivers though?) and what graphic cards will get it? I bet it will be 800 and 900 series from Geforce family. Not sure if this is a big difference, in plastic and brushed aluminum Laptops besides their weight, because I was always using Lenovo G580 that is made of plastic mostly. Also another weird question, I am living in Poland, with have a high VAT tax % here, so it is not really worth to buy laptop in my country :/ In what legal way I can buy laptop from other country and which country will be best choice for me lower costs? And question about Outlet products, their prices are much lower and most of the times they are not damaged, sometimes just slightly. Is it really worth to take a risk and buy them? I know I ask many weird questions, but it is really hard to find answers for all of them and the answers mostly varies based on the personal preferances of people and often they are opposite to each other :/

Thank you in advance for answering all of my questions.
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