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Feb 9, 2010
Anti Malware Delete Quarantine or Clean Option?
When a file suspected of being a malware or malware-infected is detected by the Anti-Malware , does the Anti Malware Program normally take the decision itself as to whether this file has to be cleaned , quarantined or deleted straightaway & only if it is really confused as to whether the file is malware or whether it is a system file or user file , ask the user what has to be done with the file ? Or is it that most Anti Malware Programs never take the decision themselves & always ask the user what to do ? Do Anti-Malware Programs differ greatly amongst themselves in this respect .

For a p.c. user like me who gets confused whenever this question is popped up by the anti malware program as to whether the file has to be deleted or put in quarantine ( Of course , if the "clean" option is also presented before me , I always try that first) , which type of anti malware would be best ? Are the chances of making wrong decisions greater if the anti malware is normally deciding by itself what to do or are they greater when the anti malware normally puts the decision on the user ?

From this Perspective ,if I have to create my own mini fool-proof (or atleast reasonably reliable) Security Suite by choosing one Program from the first Category & one (or if necessary 2 or even 3) Programs from the Second Category , how should I be going about the selection . Of Course , please note that excellent detection rate is also of paramount importance to me as a factor for deciding on anti-malware :

Category I - Antivirus

1) Avira (Free)
2) Avast (Free)
3) AVG (Free)

Category II - Only Spyware
1) SpyBot (Free)
2) Spyware Blaster (Free)
3) Spyware Terminator (Free)
4) AdAware (Free)
5) Malwarebytes (Free)
6) Threatfire (Free)

Also , in Category II , which are the Programs that are memory - resident & which have to be run manually ?

How does Norton Total Security behave in this respect ?

Rusting In Peace

Jul 2, 2009
I think the majority of security threats will be presented to the user to decide what to do regardless of which application you use.

I'd recommend you use AVG and MalwareBytes. But I'd also suggest you use Comodo Firewall as well. AVG will take care of the day to day threats, Comodo will give you alerts at any unknown process trying to run and anything that is trying to modify the registry as well as them establishing connections. MalwareBytes is just handy to run occasionally to see if everything is ok - I've never had it return any results and I've been using AVG and Comodo for years.

I've always found Norton security tools to be complete garbage.
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