Clevo Laptop Vendor Goes Down


Apr 5, 2006
It seems that our efforts have been paying off in getting in the latest and greatest gaming notebooks that the market has available.

In one of MobilityGuru's other articles, Barry Gerber mentioned the difficulty in obtaining demo units from some notebook vendors.

I happened to PM with one guy who purchased said laptop from one of these vendors. Apparently he got his unit with a defective screen. Exactly the day after delivery, their website went down and has been dead ever since. When he had told me all the troubles he had went through this is the reply I gave him.

It's a shame you're having such tough luck with xVx. Without being devils advocate, this was one of the things I was going to mention in the forums - always be wary of small unknown places offering out-of-this-world merchandise! I don't think all the other vendors are like this though, so I would definitely keep trying and look around. Maybe you should post your experience on the forum for others to know as well.

xVx may have gotten scared of all the sudden attention lately, but it is no excuse to run off chicken. I was worried that you paid and never received the goods, but if it is defective, you should fight for your money back. Always read the return and dead pixel policies - plenty of research beforehand will save you lots of headaches later!

I checked out the ISTNC site, they have the same units as Sager, even the model numbers match. THG did a review way back when Sager first began selling the clevo. At that time it was fitted with only P4 and had a Go6800 gpu. Check with them if they offer the Go7900GTX as an upgrade for later.

Incidentally, if you're worried about the screen, offer replacements for the clevo that can be user installed. If you cannot get anywhere with vXv, you can always keep it for a year and then replace the LCD if that dead pixel becomes annoying.
While it seems THG has been successful in getting Alienware and Eurocom to send in some demo units for review, it would be nice to hear the experiences other users have had with vendors such as xVx, Falcon NW, Alienware, Eurocom, Sager, Voodoo, Hypersonic etc... Do they provide what they say they do? And are they there when something happens? When you're spending approx $4500 on a laptop, you want to be sure that your money is well spent and you're getting what you pay for.

Also, If anybody has further information on xVx please post it here.


May 1, 2009
I've purchased 2 Sager machines which were built by the OEM Clevo. Sager specializes in gaming machines. Sager has been making laptops since 1985. Sager machines can be purchased from a few computer stores across the country and from Sager themselves. Prostar is another machine and are the same as Sager laptops but they put there own name on them. I had 1 issue with the 2 laptops I purchased. The older one the NP4780 with a P4 processor had the graphics cards go bad and because the GC was integrated into the mobo Sager replaced the mobo and it was covered under the factory inventory. I had to send the laptop to California and i paid shipping to them and they paid shipping back to me. They called me back within the advertised time to tell me the problem and then they called to as if I wanted the normal shipping. If i wanted over night I would have had to pay the difference but I had another laptop so i didn't upgrade shipping. I now have moved to Acer because i like their multimedia capabilities and don't need the power of a gaming machine.
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