Question Clevo W230ST Crashes at 15 Mins, HDD Vanishes - Windows 10

Mar 28, 2023
I have 2x Clevo W230STs.
I recently rebuilt one with Windows 10.
After a successful install I started building the other.
While the 2nd was building, the 1st crashed with a blue screen (no code).
Upon restart it launched into PXE Boot. The HDD had vanished. Even BIOS couldn’t see it.

I powered off and back on, and straight into Windows.
While this was happening, the 2nd crashed during Windows install.
When I attempted to restart the install, the HDD had vanished.

It seems both have the same symptoms.
On the 1st laptop, I have updated the BIOS and EC as far as I can, and installed all drivers and updates, but it still crashes after approx 15 mins with a missing HDD.
On the 2nd, I upgraded the BIOS and EC, installed Ubuntu and tested running a video on loop. It was fine.

The issue seems to be limited to Windows 10.

I checked the event log and there is nothing.

Can anyone help? I'm seriously stumped!