Closed Back Headphones for Gaming under 250€

Sep 5, 2018
As my title States i am looking for closed Back Headphones for Competitive Gaming. My Budget is 250€ and Ill mainly be using them on a PS4,so low impedance Would be great.

I cant currently Opt for Open back since i Have a really noisy Neighbourhood and also dont wanna bother People Living with me.

I Need a good and Accurate Soundstage in a headphone,since i mainly play Games like R6s.

Thanks in Advance for the answers.
(Country = Austria if someone needs to know)
Jul 10, 2018
Nearly all gaming headphones are closed back. tests every decent headphone out there. They compare everything from soundstage to build quality and comfort if you go to individual reviews. Has a gaming section too.

Also, audiophile headphones like Sennheiser/Beyerdynamic/... usually require amps. Gaming might be better for your needs. They are more console friendly as well.
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