Question Closest thing to this

Apr 25, 2020
Basically, I am looking into doing a bit of singing, nothing major just at home.
I have been recommended this:

Now, noone sells these, Ive looked, but the most similar thing with 25Watt and that has treble, bass and gain, I found are these
-Fender Champion 40 Combo
-Marshall Code 25
-Fender Mustang GT 40
-Fender Champion 50 XL
-Fender Rumble 15

Which of these, if someone can recommend, matches the features, in the link I am after, or if there is an alternative or other cheaper option, but that has all the things I need which the one in the link has, please recommend. My budget is 150. I found the Marshall Code 25, for 70, someone close to me selling, but I am not sure, if that will match with the one I have mentioned in the link.
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