Cloud HyperX II vs Cloud Alpha


Jul 22, 2016
Hello everyone. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category, but I couldn't find one for peripherals. I'm currently owning the Cloud HyperX I and it's a great headset, but the leatherette earcups are too worn to be usable (1 and a half year old). Only the earcups have problems, in rest the headset still works fine. I'm really looking for a new HyperX headset, because this brand has a very good quality. I can't decide between Cloud HyperX II and Cloud HyperX Alpha. I've seen a lot of reviews but still some people say that Alpha are better but there isn't a lot of improvement from the previous version (Cloud II). Some of them complained that people can hear what are you listening to in your headset. Not sure if that dual chamber is a gimmick or not as the 7.1 surrond on Cloud II is. Also i've found a nice deal for Cloud HyperX II for £65. The Alpha headset is £100 and is out of stock here. I have no ideea when it will come back in stock.
Any suggestions from owners for Cloud II and/or Alpha?
Thank you for reading and sorry for my english.


Feb 15, 2014
I would think the Alpha, but I've only have the Cloud original and Cloud IIs. The price difference is also messed up, have you checked other places? It's usually not that large a gap. Although if you need basic virtual 7.1, then get the Cloud IIs. I would've bought the Alpha's recently if I could have (They were $3 cheaper the one place advertising but out of stock). Here's a recent thread which is pretty much about this:

Here's the link to the page containing the video that made me think Alpha if you didn't/won't get that far into the thread:


Dec 25, 2017
I would recommend the Hyperx cloud 2s because I currently use them and the audio quality is amazing and they're really comfortable to wear and don't hurt your ears after a long gaming session.
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