CM Storm Xornet Review

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Apr 23, 2014
Um... yeah, this article could have been done better to be honest. Claiming that it does not suit competitive FPS games because of it's limit of 200 DPI isn't a really good reason, considering that most pro Counterstrike players use 400-500 DPI. Some use more, but the vast majority stay at lower DPI ranges. They also probably don't mind the lack of buttons considering how many of them use Razer Deathadders, Logitech G9s, and other mice with as few buttons as the Xornet.
What's with the specs at the end? 50-8200 DPI, when the rest of the article clearly says 2000 DPI?
I'm sorry if I sound rude, but this article was not very well done. I love TomsHardware for their articles, mainly because they try to be as unbiased as possible by looking at the products they review from multiple different perspectives, but this TomsGuide article seems to give the mouse's low price as the only justification for it's lack of buttons. Some people, really don't need or want that many buttons.
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