Combine optical audio and HDMI video to single HDMI



Is there any way to combine a optical audio output and HDMI video output to a single HDMI output? My Sony LCD TV doesn't have HDMI ARC although it has a optical audio output for multichannel sound. But my Sony DZ340K home theatre has no multichannel audio input although it has HDMI input with ARC. :( Any suggestions?
does your home theater have both HDMI input and HDMI output?

if so you should be plugging your source (dvd player, consoles, pc, whatever) into this and then using the hdmi out to connect up to the tv for video.

of course this isnt going to help if the tv itself is the source (such as if you are using the digital tuner inside the tv for local channels)


please explain what the source is... and also list what inputs the HT system does have.