Comfortable Gaming headphones help


Apr 24, 2016
Hey, I'm looking to buy a top quality headset for gaming roughly £100 ish if possible.

Main things I need is to be very comfortable for 8 hours+, great audio etc. If it makes any difference I mostly listen to fairly heavy rock music.

I heard the Sennheiser HD558 was a great option and is within my budget, I don't need a mic as I'm buying a mic separately eg rode nt USB. Since they are open headphones which I've never had before, do you think the sound from them will be picked up by my nt USB mic? (it's fairly sensitive being a condenser), or do you think it's not a problem?

Also, the sound card on my pc is the Creative blaster Audig fx 5.1 Pcie if that makes any difference, I assume the headphones plug straight into my pc easily and sound great or should I get an amp if so please suggest?

If you know any better option headphones, mics, sound cards or ps etc please advise me you definitely know better.

NOTE: this will be used for gaming, livestreaming only.

Thanks a lot
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