Compare these laptops please


Sep 26, 2012
So im looking for a laptop for gaming (somewhat med-maybe high graphics) and also a nice battery life for college 3hrs+

About me- Ive never played intensive games before but i mostly played lighter games at around low-med settings on low resolutions. Since technology is now cheaper than it used to be im interesting in purchasing a FHD laptop.

What i dont understand is how the MSI is $500-$600 more expensive than the other two laptops. If you guys could tell me where that extra money is for i would appreciate it.
I understand that the HD 7970m is a dedicated graphics card and the steelseries keyboard, but thats only about $200-$250 more. Because otherwise i could just go for a GE60 with an I7 3610qm/650m rather than the GX60





Aug 7, 2008
Dedicated graphics provide a huge boost over integrated graphics, impossible to consider a serious game without it.

The second two have intergrated video, but one of the best.

Based of on "lighter games at around low-med settings on low resolutions" either of the second two will suit you.

If you have the money or desire for something like the first, there are a couple others to recommend that would be a little better

edit: i just noticed your handle, ironic but no offense intended
High performance costs a lot of money. The more performance you want, the more money you need to spend. The Radeon HD 7970m is a high performance dedicated graphics card for laptops.

The Lenovo and Toshiba laptops has an AMD A10 which has a pretty good integrated graphics core... as far as integrated graphics is concerned. But compared to a dedicated graphics card like the Radeon HD 7970m, it is considered very weak.