Computer running slow after virus removal

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Apr 25, 2016
Straight up, I have a fake nvidia gt 400 something that under a heavy load restarts or In some cases fills the screen with bits of other applications some of which have been closed. I made a mistake. Before I got this virus my computer could run multiple Google Chrome tabs and was responsive. (quick disclaimer my computer is terrible so the numbers you are thinking of regarding how many tabs i have open is considerably lower. 5 tabs open is a good amount for me.) However, I got this virus that downloaded software that sort of bloated my computer, This service called anyonimiser keeps opening, multiple things keep opening, a knock off version of google chrome was opening tabs, my online access was blocked, a fake internet explorer was installed. To fix the problem I had downloaded the norton installer on my phone then opened it onto my computer. I did a full system scan blah blah blah it came up with a heuristic virus and another virus. Afterwards I got a Notification from norton saying I am getting a lot of outbound traffic and I'm getting it multiple times every day. it said to run the this aggressive scan that deleted quite a lot of my stuff but got rid of all the stupid annoying shit. One problem occured though. My google chrome doesn't open, it works once or twice then doesn't open. It does open a process however. I'm forced to use mozilla firefox which is horrible. And my computer has a low tolerance for running anything including games i could of run before this virus. Can someone diagnose what might be ruining my computers performance


All of it is ruining your computer's performance.

"fake nvidia gt 400" (where did the drivers come from?)

"knock off version of google chrome"

"fake internet explorer"

What version of Windows are you using?

First go into the startup tab and disable as many applications as you can from launching at boot time.

Any applications that are not legitimate/licensed installations need to be uninstalled. Get rid of any third party utilities that are present - especially if of dubious purpose and use. All that stuff is full of viruses, malware, hijacks, etc..

Then use Task Manager to identify what all is still running when your computer boots. (Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor will also help.)

You may need to delete Google Chrome and Firefox and start fresh with just Google Chrome.

Consider removing the fake video card and just use the motherboard's video port while you clean things up.

Also stay offline until things are all sorted and you again have control of your computer.

Be methodical and deliberate. If you are not sure about some process or service use another computer to go online and research that process or service. See if it can be disabled or removed.

Watch for and note any error codes or warnings. They may come and go as you clean things up.

Post an update if you have additional questions or problems. And please skip the bad language - forum is to be family friendly....

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