Solved! Computer speaker replacement for Dell A525 2.1


Nov 3, 2009
A family member living at home is using a new computer that I recently built out, but it's connected to a 12+ year old Dell A525, that is a hand-me-down from a Dell prebuilt. When I played Overwatch and Fornite on this system, the sound was very "thin" through the two front facing speakers. The bass on the small subwoofer tends to be turned down, so not to disturb family members in other rooms.

Budget: Honestly I'd love to spend $30 - $50, but I realize that his may not offer a noticeable upgrade. At my home, I have a Logitech Z2300, which I bought over 10 years ago for $100. It has 200 RMS (400 Max) watts power. Where-as the Dell A525 has 30 RMS watts for both the two speakers and sub. Considering that I'm about to upgrade this computer to a Ryzen 5 2600, I'd prefer not to spend in that range of money.Thank you.
Load couple of tunes on your phone, and go to a place which sells computer speakers. Find a set which looks "promising", connect your phone, and judge for yourselves.

How much to spend depends entirely on you. And don't believe what manufacturers put as RMS - a look at power supply (or power requirements) is much more relevant factor.
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